About Us

Shires Vineyard

The Shires Vineyard is based in Derby, UK.

We currently produce the following items for our own use:

  • Pure Honey
  • White wine
  • Rose wine
  • Fruit and vegetables

In 2000 we decided it would be a great idea to start and grow our own vegetables, so we went to the local Allotment association and proudly took on two plots. The years went by with successes and failures (well that’s nature) and I began to understand the local micro climate. South of Derby seems to miss a lot of rain, not so good when you are trying to grow veg!.

So, the plan was formed, grapevines, seems a good idea. Another plot became available next to our existing ones so that was snapped up and I planted 36 vines in three rows.

This was the start in 2004, and now we have 80 vines which produce more than enough wine for our needs.

The story of the bees came later, in 2011. I suppose its one of those things that runs in the family back to my Great Grandfather. Anyway, the rules on the Allotment association changed and I decided (one of those bright ideas) to become a Beekeeper, the rest, as they say is history……

One thought on “About Us

  1. This is a fantastic website with lots of information and expertise! My dad is a keen bee keeper so I will definitely be sharing this site with him! Good luck for 2013 ‘Shires Vineyard’!

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