The Market Place

We will on occasion be able to offer some items for sale, all are subject to availability.

Derbyshire Honey

We currently have our honey on offer at £3.50 per 1lb jar. Subject to availability and I would prefer collection only. please send your requirements via our ‘contact us’ page

Our Honey is light and floral.



We have just pruned our vines so we can offer Vine cuttings (ready prepared) at £1 per cutting, plus £5 P&P. We have all our varieties available at present.

This offer is open until stock runs out or we reach 31st March 2013, which ever comes first.

If you would prefer I can propagate the vines for you, these need to be ordered before 31st March 2013. Rooted vines cost £5 each plus £5 p&p and will be dispatched in November 2013. Please note, balance will be due before dispatch.

All vines are propagated on their own roots and not grafted.

We look forward to hearing from you

Remember advise is always FREE 

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