HACCP Plan for Honey Production

As a Beekeeper, you may wish to sell your surplus Honey and we are all made aware of the Labeling requirements, and you can only use new jars etc. You are classed as a ‘Primary Food Producer’ as defined on the Food Standards Agency web site (www.food.gov.uk). On there you will find a lot of guidance and information.  You may consider it necessary to register your home (if that’s where the Honey extraction takes place) with your local Authority. The primary reason for this is it could be considered as a food production facility.

I decided to pursue this process because I wanted to ensure that I was following best practice and have the reassurance that my extraction room and process met with the satisfaction of the local Environmental Health Officer. REMEMBER….your Honey is traceable back to you!!

One of the requirements set out by the Officer was that I needed a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points). After some research I developed a plan and it was approved. I have attached a blank version of the plan so if you need one, please down load it and feel free to adjust to your own needs*

HACCP Plan for Honey Production UK Blank

* the attached document is for guidance only, no responsibility can be held for its content, format or completeness to satisfy your specific process, environment or the scrutiny of an enforcement officer.    

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